Empowering Organisational Performance



Empowering Organisational Performance

Based in Perth, Western Australia, WestMarv provides management and business advisory services.
With a proven track record of results, based on its proprietary management and leadership framework, WestMarv assists organisations to clarify their purpose, empower their people and reach their performance goals.

Everything we do is premised on the "pursuit of goodness" - considering not just "what" is accomplished but also "how".

We specialise in growth and turn-around management, aligning organisational values, behaviours and culture, performing teams and process management.

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Our Services


We work with organisations between $4M and $20M in size with their merger, de-merger and acquisition needs. We are particularly sensitive to family-owned companies and can guide them through succession-planning, scaling up and scaling down phases. Have us assist you through those critical times in your organisation’s journey.

growth strategy

Organisations are created to capture, deliver and accumulate value for members and their customers.   But at some point in the organisation’s lifecycle, growth usually stalls, and it seems almost impossible to break through this glass ceiling.

We help you identify the focus of a growth strategy and an execution plan to break through this invisible barrier and deliver the organisation’s real potential to grow and accumulate value.

team performance

Whether it is professional sport, government organisations or corporations, team performance is a universal aspiration - yet not often achieved. Our proprietary system has a proven track record of success in developing winning teams in a range of environments. Let us share with you our insights that gives your team the winning edge! 

values & behaviours

70% of our people are under performing today because of ineffective workplace culture. Establishing and nurturing the right values and behaviours is critical in attracting and keeping good employees. 

Our facilitated sessions provide a framework to check and calibrate your workplace to ensure it aligns with your mission and vision.

turnaround management

We have over 20 years experience assisting organisations in turn-around management. If you are experiencing declining earnings, uncertain markets, and operational concerns, our external perspective could be of assistance. 
We specialise is profitable revenue growth and re-positioning of organisations to maximise an ever-changing environment.

process management

Organisations are constantly under pressure to reduce costs, develop products, improve customer service and react to competitors - all at the same time.  Without a focus on managing and continually improving the efficiency and effectiveness of processes, these challenges are unlikely to be conquered.

Our process diagnostic workshops identify where the bottlenecks, duplication and waste in core organisation processes exist.  We identify quick wins to implement and develop innovative ways to improve process performance and organisational results.


Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.
— Peter Drucker


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